Art Activities

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Art is an important part of our family day care program, allowing for self expression and fine motor skill development. Children explore colors, textures and patterns, developing visual and sensory abilities along with imagination. Children create collages, use a variety of paint material, enjoy sticking, cutting, tearing, gluing and love to play with play-dough, goop and clay. These activities develop fine motor skills and help children express their feelings.

Block Activity

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Unit blocks, wooden or plastic blocks used by children which enhances building/constructing, counting, and logical thinking in children.

Circle Time Activities

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A collection of activities such as reading books, using flannel board stories and encouraging children to talk by asking open ended questions about weather, neighborhood, festivals, etc which help children to develop valuable skills, such as: communication, listening, observation, co-ordination, co-operation, concentration, thinking and many more.

Cooking Recipes

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Nature/science activities such as cooking to encourage principles of math and science using their body parts like eyes, hands, nose and ears

Dramatic Play Ideas

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Dramatic play or pretend play or role play using kitchen sets, dolls, stuff toys, dress-up clothes, pretend food etc may be enjoyed by the child alone, or with other kids. When younger ones pretend play together, their social skills are enhanced. Participating in dramatic play involves cooperation, negotiation; sharing, problem solving, impulse control and appreciation of one another’s efforts.

Behavior (Good Manners/Bad Manners)

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Children learn appropriate and inappropriate behavior by looking to us as examples. If we are anxious, angry, inconsistent and domineering, our children will be distant, unconcerned, punitive, and weak.  If we are self-controlled, confident, loving and just our children will be likewise. We teach children difference between good manners & bad manners by telling them stories, actions and live examples.


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Children learn to understand the world around them through the constant use of their senses. Activities such as play with finger paints, play-dough, shells, corn starch, different textured fabric etc provide an opportunity for children to observe the differences and similarities in what they see, hear, feel, taste and smell.

Language and Literacy

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The development of language begins with speech and progresses into reading and writing experiences. Our family day care program includes many sensory materials that allow young children to learn their letters by sight, feel, and texture.

Math And Manipulatives Activities

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Recognizing shape such as written numbers materials such as balance scales, number puzzles, magnetic numbers, number lotto etc.

Music and Movement

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We sing songs such as “Autumn Song” by Ms. Healy. We sing songs which help children develop their large motor skills and help them enjoy music. They also learn to relate music to appropriate actions. Through music, children learn to hear differences in sounds, discover rhythm, increase vocabulary and experience its impact on moods. We introduce the children to an array of songs, finger plays and nursery rhymes, simple yoga. Music is part of our daily curriculum.

Sand Box and Water Table/Tub

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Sand Box
We heighten the child’s tactile experiences with this Playful Sand Box at our family day care center.

Sink or Float?
We add fall items to our water table/tub for the children to guess and then test what will sink and float: plastic ducks, pumpkins, gourds, pince cones, leaves, etc.

Writing Activities

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English Alphabets: English alphabet writing, numbers & vowels are taught to children 2 years & above

Hindi Alphabets: Hindi alphabet writing, numbers & vowels are taught to children 2 years & above